The Singing Waiters

The Singing Waiters London are really the best surprise entertainers you can see in London today. I mean I have been to a whole lot of weddings already but not none had been as fun as at Jenna’s and Jim’s where they had The Singing Waiters.

Jim told me that he hired The Singing Waiters also for his proposal last year, this is how he knew how good they are. And then he also booked them for their wedding, no-one knew they will be there, not even Jenna. So you can imagine how everyone’s jaw dropped when The Singing Waiters starting to appear at the reception. And of course, their show was awesome again. They pulled a whole bunch of guys up on stage and then everyone sang and danced, we really had a blast especially since most guests at that point were not exactly what you would call “sober” any longer. But at least they tried their best singing…and it made the entire thing so awesome and funny.

To be honest, I can’t see a wedding getting boring if you have The Singing Waiters there, this is why I can recommend them to anyone!