My Favorite Gym in Hackney

gym in London fields

If you live in East London and happen to be looking for a good fitness gym,  let me tell you that this isn’t necessarily very easy.

Pretty much all of the good gyms in Hackney have been bought out. Those places where you knew that there was a good gym just a couple of years ago have likely made way for one of those giant bargain gym fitness chains.

This wouldn’t be an issue really if that wouldn’t also mean that the quality of the gyms has suffered as well. Now it’s all about the cheapest gyms you would have to go far find one of those last remaining fitness gyms with a still provide good service and have decent fitness equipment.

The other thing that I don’t like with all those new gyms is that they got rid of all those fun things you could do while doing your routines. I don’t know about you but I like to watch TV while a using the mill, now it seems that being able to watch TV in a gym has become a rarity.

I remember way back when I still had a membership that the gym membership also included a free health drink and that I could use their swimming pool when I felt like it. Today, they would probably just look at you like you’re out of your mind if you were to ask for their pool or where there juice bar is located.

You definitely guessed right when you think that I really don’t like this development in London. I would rather pay twice as much for a gym membership when I know that I actually get something in return. If you happen to be in London Fields I recommend to you that you check out London Fields Fitness which in my opinion is one of the last good gyms here in the area. They have a nice selection on classes like Pilates in Hackney, weight loss or yoga, just to name a few!

Choosing Magnetic Bracelets

Thanks to the recent ever more increasing popularity of magnetic jewellery, consumers today won’t have troubles to find a big variety of magnetic bracelets offered in many places. Today you can buy magnetic bracelets in many retail stores but there are increasingly more sold online via the Internet. Buying magnetic jewellery online has the big advantage that you will be able to compare and contrast much more styles side-by-side and it is also much easier to find a good price on it as compared to the often rather limited variety will have in a physical store.

A magnetic bracelet today can be unisex that means it can be worn by both males and females but you will also find those signs made for ladies or gentlemen only. Not any different as with other types of jewellery, magnetic bracelets can be a chic and extravagant or they can be a simple yet stylish.

Despite the rather low price for magnetic jewellery today, a unisex magnetic bracelet may be what you want when you just want to try out the effectiveness of the bracelet and don’t want to buy two right away or if you simply want bracelets that go together in a nice partner look without looking too early or too manly.

The Theory of Magnotherapy

The Theory of Magnotherapy

Regardless of the style and the design of the magnetic bracelet, the principle they use will be the same. This type of jewellery will normally have two or more magnets, a plus pole magnet and a negative pole magnet. Their health benefits come from aligning those magnets at nearby certain body parts, such as your wrists.

Ancient Chinese medical literature is already mentioning the beneficial effects of magnets on our health. The Chinese knew about pressure points and acupuncture points that can be stimulated for various positive effect on our health and well-being. In the same way as with acupuncture needles, magnetic bracelets can be used to stimulate those points.

Today, the positive effect of magnetic fields on our health has been proven in various studies. Alternative health practitioners today use magnetic jewellery and recommend it for a variety of ailments and conditions that can range from arthritis, migraines to nervous conditions or sleep disorders. Magnetic bracelets do not have any negative side effects which means they not only look good but are likewise safe to use.