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The Singing Waiters

The Singing Waiters London are really the best surprise entertainers you can see in London today. I mean I have been to a whole lot of weddings already but not none had been as fun as at Jenna’s and Jim’s where they had The Singing Waiters.

Jim told me that he hired The Singing Waiters also for his proposal last year, this is how he knew how good they are. And then he also booked them for their wedding, no-one knew they will be there, not even Jenna. So you can imagine how everyone’s jaw dropped when The Singing Waiters starting to appear at the reception. And of course, their show was awesome again. They pulled a whole bunch of guys up on stage and then everyone sang and danced, we really had a blast especially since most guests at that point were not exactly what you would call “sober” any longer. But at least they tried their best singing…and it made the entire thing so awesome and funny.

To be honest, I can’t see a wedding getting boring if you have The Singing Waiters there, this is why I can recommend them to anyone!

Why I like My Golf Holidays in France

We both are two passionate golfers and we made it a rule to go on golf break at least twice every year. Last year we went on golf holidays in France twice. France is our top favorite for golf holidays because this is where we get the most for the money and it’s simply the best location for golf in our opinion.

Golf Holidays in France

Golf Holidays in France

The best location in France for golfing holidays, according to many golf enthusiasts, is without question Biarritz.

In Biarritz there are eight world class golf courses which are rather close-by, those are Golf de Seignosse, Golf de Chiberta, Golf d’Arcangues, Golf de Biarritz, Golf du Makila, Golf d’Hossegor, Golf de Moliets and Golf de Chantaco.

It’s easy to get around and to play on all of them while on vacation. The golf courses do vary and each one has its own unique charm and challenge. Four of the courses in Biarritz are in the Europe’s top 50!

Everything in Biarritz is fantastic. It’s not only the great greens but even more so the many absolutely fantastic hotels, resorts, resturants and spas. The hotels in Biarritz range from typical French charm hotels to super-luxurious and it’s the same with the restaurants there and all of them are great. The food there is just amazing.

The good thing about our golf holidays in France was that everything is included in the package when you book it, means the transportation from and to the airport, hotel stay and of course admission to the greens. You can even rent golf equipment for those who wouldn’t want to bring their own.

Biarritz is in the South West of France not far from the border to Spain. It’s close to beach at the gulf of Biscay. Aside from golfing you can do anything you’d expect from a great vacation, like wind surfing, hiking, swimming or taking a shopping trip to the surrounding towns. We made a short excursion to Spain to San Sebastian to buy some nick-naks and because we wanted to taste some Spanish foods. There are also many wineries in the area to visit which are just awesome if you want to sample their local wines!

Every time we’re in Biarritz on golf holiday, time just flies by and a week is definitely not enough to see everything. For our next golf holidays there we are looking into staying longer. I can highly recommend Biarritz if you’re looking for a really great place for your next golf break!