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How Electronic Invoicing Can Benefit Your Small Business

If you happen to be a business owner, you will likely want to know how you can save some money here and there. Recently, I discovered electronic invoicing and find it very effective helping with my own business, and this is the reason that I want to talk about it here in this post.

Electronic-InvoiceElectronic invoicing allows you to send and to receive invoices over the Internet.Obviously this is already a big benefit since it does away with the usual delays that come with traditional invoicing, but yet this is not all there is to electronic invoicing.

Electronic invoicing also means that you can do your entire invoice process without any paper invoices.

This makes invoices a lot easier to manage and a lot less error prone. And of course it saves you a tremendous amount of time and work since you won’t have to transfer your billing data from paper to your accounting system.

What’s also good about electronic invoicing is that it is pretty similar to the old way of doing invoices. The only difference is that you don’t print invoices any longer but sent the PDF file to an electronic invoice service provider who will then convert your invoice and send it to the recipient on your behalf. Electronic invoicing is also rather cheap, means it is not any type of major investment. This makes it a good choice for all types of businesses, no matter how big or how many employees you may have.

I can highly recommend to you you look into electronic invoicing if you happen to be a business owner. It may well be what you need if you want to save some money and want to make things more efficient.


Camping Today is Better (And More Fun!) Than You May Think

camping-with-vanWhen I was little, camping wasn’t exactly a term that you would associate with a relaxed, pleasant holiday.

Going Camping meant that we packed that dusty tent and a bunch of sleeping bags along with an assortment of necessities such as canned food, a cooker, flash lights and similar “outdoor adventure things”.

It was quite fun and exciting back at that time but nothing really I would’ve liked as an adult who seeks to relax a week from the stress and hectic at work.

In recent years however, camping has gone a long way and it has now become a serious and cost effective alternative to the traditional ways of going on vacation. Fortunately you don’t need to forego luxuries such as a bed to sleep or your favorite foods during your holiday any longer. Modern camper vans can offer all this along with one other huge advantage of camping: The unlimited freedom that you can go everywhere you want whenever you want without needing to spend a lot of money!

Camping with a modern camper van is ideal for singles or couples although a large camper van can also accommodate smaller families with children easily. A modern camper will have a number of cozy beds, a fridge, a cooking area and of course a means to connect your van to electricity and gas. Air conditioning, a TV and other luxuries while camping are nothing out of the ordinary any longer!

At work, I often hear people complaining about the high costs of their last travel holidays. Almost every time this happens it turns out that those folks spent a fortune on a hotel – I always tell them they could have had the same vacation at a fraction of the price if they had rented a nice camper van instead!

Plus: Take my word for it, camping is so much more fun and excitement. Try it out for yourself!

The Singing Waiters

The Singing Waiters London are really the best surprise entertainers you can see in London today. I mean I have been to a whole lot of weddings already but not none had been as fun as at Jenna’s and Jim’s where they had The Singing Waiters.

Jim told me that he hired The Singing Waiters also for his proposal last year, this is how he knew how good they are. And then he also booked them for their wedding, no-one knew they will be there, not even Jenna. So you can imagine how everyone’s jaw dropped when The Singing Waiters starting to appear at the reception. And of course, their show was awesome again. They pulled a whole bunch of guys up on stage and then everyone sang and danced, we really had a blast especially since most guests at that point were not exactly what you would call “sober” any longer. But at least they tried their best singing…and it made the entire thing so awesome and funny.

To be honest, I can’t see a wedding getting boring if you have The Singing Waiters there, this is why I can recommend them to anyone!

Why I like My Golf Holidays in France

We both are two passionate golfers and we made it a rule to go on golf break at least twice every year. Last year we went on golf holidays in France twice. France is our top favorite for golf holidays because this is where we get the most for the money and it’s simply the best location for golf in our opinion.

Golf Holidays in France

Golf Holidays in France

The best location in France for golfing holidays, according to many golf enthusiasts, is without question Biarritz.

In Biarritz there are eight world class golf courses which are rather close-by, those are Golf de Seignosse, Golf de Chiberta, Golf d’Arcangues, Golf de Biarritz, Golf du Makila, Golf d’Hossegor, Golf de Moliets and Golf de Chantaco.

It’s easy to get around and to play on all of them while on vacation. The golf courses do vary and each one has its own unique charm and challenge. Four of the courses in Biarritz are in the Europe’s top 50!

Everything in Biarritz is fantastic. It’s not only the great greens but even more so the many absolutely fantastic hotels, resorts, resturants and spas. The hotels in Biarritz range from typical French charm hotels to super-luxurious and it’s the same with the restaurants there and all of them are great. The food there is just amazing.

The good thing about our golf holidays in France was that everything is included in the package when you book it, means the transportation from and to the airport, hotel stay and of course admission to the greens. You can even rent golf equipment for those who wouldn’t want to bring their own.

Biarritz is in the South West of France not far from the border to Spain. It’s close to beach at the gulf of Biscay. Aside from golfing you can do anything you’d expect from a great vacation, like wind surfing, hiking, swimming or taking a shopping trip to the surrounding towns. We made a short excursion to Spain to San Sebastian to buy some nick-naks and because we wanted to taste some Spanish foods. There are also many wineries in the area to visit which are just awesome if you want to sample their local wines!

Every time we’re in Biarritz on golf holiday, time just flies by and a week is definitely not enough to see everything. For our next golf holidays there we are looking into staying longer. I can highly recommend Biarritz if you’re looking for a really great place for your next golf break!

My Favorite Gym in Hackney

gym in London fields

If you live in East London and happen to be looking for a good fitness gym,  let me tell you that this isn’t necessarily very easy.

Pretty much all of the good gyms in Hackney have been bought out. Those places where you knew that there was a good gym just a couple of years ago have likely made way for one of those giant bargain gym fitness chains.

This wouldn’t be an issue really if that wouldn’t also mean that the quality of the gyms has suffered as well. Now it’s all about the cheapest gyms you would have to go far find one of those last remaining fitness gyms with a still provide good service and have decent fitness equipment.

The other thing that I don’t like with all those new gyms is that they got rid of all those fun things you could do while doing your routines. I don’t know about you but I like to watch TV while a using the mill, now it seems that being able to watch TV in a gym has become a rarity.

I remember way back when I still had a membership that the gym membership also included a free health drink and that I could use their swimming pool when I felt like it. Today, they would probably just look at you like you’re out of your mind if you were to ask for their pool or where there juice bar is located.

You definitely guessed right when you think that I really don’t like this development in London. I would rather pay twice as much for a gym membership when I know that I actually get something in return. If you happen to be in London Fields I recommend to you that you check out London Fields Fitness which in my opinion is one of the last good gyms here in the area. They have a nice selection on classes like Pilates in Hackney, weight loss or yoga, just to name a few!

Choosing Magnetic Bracelets

Thanks to the recent ever more increasing popularity of magnetic jewellery, consumers today won’t have troubles to find a big variety of magnetic bracelets offered in many places. Today you can buy magnetic bracelets in many retail stores but there are increasingly more sold online via the Internet. Buying magnetic jewellery online has the big advantage that you will be able to compare and contrast much more styles side-by-side and it is also much easier to find a good price on it as compared to the often rather limited variety will have in a physical store.

A magnetic bracelet today can be unisex that means it can be worn by both males and females but you will also find those signs made for ladies or gentlemen only. Not any different as with other types of jewellery, magnetic bracelets can be a chic and extravagant or they can be a simple yet stylish.

Despite the rather low price for magnetic jewellery today, a unisex magnetic bracelet may be what you want when you just want to try out the effectiveness of the bracelet and don’t want to buy two right away or if you simply want bracelets that go together in a nice partner look without looking too early or too manly.

The Theory of Magnotherapy

The Theory of Magnotherapy

Regardless of the style and the design of the magnetic bracelet, the principle they use will be the same. This type of jewellery will normally have two or more magnets, a plus pole magnet and a negative pole magnet. Their health benefits come from aligning those magnets at nearby certain body parts, such as your wrists.

Ancient Chinese medical literature is already mentioning the beneficial effects of magnets on our health. The Chinese knew about pressure points and acupuncture points that can be stimulated for various positive effect on our health and well-being. In the same way as with acupuncture needles, magnetic bracelets can be used to stimulate those points.

Today, the positive effect of magnetic fields on our health has been proven in various studies. Alternative health practitioners today use magnetic jewellery and recommend it for a variety of ailments and conditions that can range from arthritis, migraines to nervous conditions or sleep disorders. Magnetic bracelets do not have any negative side effects which means they not only look good but are likewise safe to use.

You Better Send Your Children To Private School

In some areas here in the UK you simply cannot send your children to public schools any longer! I have seen them wanting to stuff the children in class rooms with more than forty children! In many larger cities like London or Birmingham, the teachers are stressed out and seem rather happy to get the day over with than actually being motivated to teach, especially those children with learning difficulties. Problem, in a class with more than forty children no teacher can dedicate much time to those children that would actually need it!

private schoolI have long come to the conclusion that private schools are a much better choice for the children. Many of my relatives and friends who send children to private school for generations only confirm this to me!

Pretty much all of those children ended up mature and polite with well-paying jobs now. This is entirely different when I look at those children that were schooled in public schools. A lot of them barely made it through school with average grades. They also told me that their teachers didn’t really attend to them.

Fortunately we have lots of good private schools here in the UK which means there is an always an option to give your child the best education. If you happen to live in Hertfordshire and look for some good Hertfordshire private schools I definitely recommend the Kingshottschool. This is where Jeff and Linda sent their children and they’re extremely happy! They love this school! The oldest is now almost done with the school and he’s already lined up a great job at a software company. Believe it or not, I really think that some firms take applicants just because they know they attended a good school! This is another reason you should look into private schools for your children. Do it if you want the best for your children!

Where would you like to travel to?


My husband and I like to travel and recently we’re hooked on Europe. We’ve pretty much done all the major domestic destination already, from the obligatory Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon to Disneyworld and Disneyland in California and Florida.

But in terms of a really good vacation and for when you really want to see new things I don’t think there’s anything better than going to Europe. In the last four years we have been to the UK, Germany, France and Italy. Each of those places has its very unique charm and flair but I think the overall winner here was Italy. I attribute that to the great weather, friendly people and the fantastic things we saw in Rome. It was an unforgettable trip, no doubt.

When we talk with others we can often see that they’re pretty shocked since they think we must be rich to be able to afford going to such places. But let me tell you that those trips were not that much more expensive than staying in Disneyland Florida. The secret here is that you need to know where to look online to get in on the cheapest flights and best deals for hotels. You can save even more money if you skip the hotels altogether and just rent an apartment for a week or two. We did that on two occasions. Heck, if you’re younger you might even rent a camper or a tent if you dare. Once you find a cheap flight (and there are many sites that allow you to find them easily) you’re basically already half way there, the rest is on you and depends only on how much you’re willing to spend.

One thing is for sure, with the internet it’s so much easier today to travel the world without having to spend a lot of money.