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Horse Racing Tips: Don’t Get Ripped Off

My husband Jim enjoys horse races a lot. To be honest I don’t really care too much for it. It’s not that we already won a lot of money at the horses, in fact I would lie I think he’s losing more than he’s bringing home.

Horse-racing_1The Saturday two weeks ago he got really angry because he was convinced winning this time around because Jim gave him a “100% sure tip” before he went. Of course he didn’t win and he was very upset the entire weekend.

On Wednesday then he came home all excited because he met someone at work who is a horse racing “pro gambler” or whatever you call those people. This guy won 200.000GBP last year along, all from horse races. And obviously the two hit it off real well because the guy gave my husband several horse racing tips which he called “insider secrets”.

He told Jim that all the methods he used in the past cannot be more wrong since they’re bound to lose or in a best case scenario would just make you very little money. What he did that he told Jim about the exact way how he makes his money at the races and naturally Jim was very excited that day when the guy told him all those things.

What he told him is that there are really no working winning systems for horse races and that all is based on knowledge and researching the horses and jockeys. He said he needs to make a journal and keep track of horses and their wins and losses and that the “secret” is really just knowing the good ones that have the best chances for every race. He also made a spreadsheet where he keeps track of all this and Jim is now using it too, it shows the chances for each horse and gives tips on which ones to bet for the highest possible payouts.

I’ll keep you updated how it goes with my husband and if and how much he’ll win with this new “system”.

Where would you like to travel to?


My husband and I like to travel and recently we’re hooked on Europe. We’ve pretty much done all the major domestic destination already, from the obligatory Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon to Disneyworld and Disneyland in California and Florida.

But in terms of a really good vacation and for when you really want to see new things I don’t think there’s anything better than going to Europe. In the last four years we have been to the UK, Germany, France and Italy. Each of those places has its very unique charm and flair but I think the overall winner here was Italy. I attribute that to the great weather, friendly people and the fantastic things we saw in Rome. It was an unforgettable trip, no doubt.

When we talk with others we can often see that they’re pretty shocked since they think we must be rich to be able to afford going to such places. But let me tell you that those trips were not that much more expensive than staying in Disneyland Florida. The secret here is that you need to know where to look online to get in on the cheapest flights and best deals for hotels. You can save even more money if you skip the hotels altogether and just rent an apartment for a week or two. We did that on two occasions. Heck, if you’re younger you might even rent a camper or a tent if you dare. Once you find a cheap flight (and there are many sites that allow you to find them easily) you’re basically already half way there, the rest is on you and depends only on how much you’re willing to spend.

One thing is for sure, with the internet it’s so much easier today to travel the world without having to spend a lot of money.